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"wide shot of the vatican"

wow, this is really cool!

gatekid3 responds:

Thank you. I was proud of it.

This is great! Although I thought you were using my songs too...

Edit: Oh ok, lol sorry, I'm not good with details. If you need any help with editing by the way, I can help!

DextaGethood responds:

Oh, I'm making a sequel to this with your music! Sorry i thought you understood that

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I took of one star only because i could hardly tell where I was going half the time.

I get it, this is a faithful recreation with original levels. please, add landmarks, or up the resolution just a little bit, i had to stop moving to be able to tell where i was going for a few times lol.

Other than that, This is an amazing game, and a damn good recreation of Doom.

I know it's a small little detail, but i love the fake boot up screen

FredericSouchu responds:

thanks! you are not the only one getting lost (tbh a bit of a surprise given the modest size of the levels).
As for resolution nothing I can do - the underlying engine supports only 128x128, see: https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php

lots of fun

i hope i make the cut :D

Theres the kids who played runescape as a teen, the kids who played roblox (we're not as good), and then theres the fortnite kids (I cringe everytime i see someone playing fornite) This just reminds me of Xbox Live because that's what i grew up using.

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I like it!

Damn, this is a good song, definitely my style of song!

RedSkiesOfficial responds:

Thanks mate!

I like it! it has a bit of that waterflame charm. Definitely sounds like it would fit in Castle Crashers!

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Amazing line quality!

PoppyTheMerpasaur responds:

Thanks ^w^
Drew it on paper so it was kind of hard to get a picture of-

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